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Home And Garden

Setting up your Home and Garden takes a bit of meticulous planning. What you have to remember is that the very first thing people see when they come to visit, is your Home And Garden Design. No matter what your home may be like on the inside, its “first impression” stuff, and at the home garden store you will find everything you need to bring that about.

Garden Landscaping    

Japanese GardensAre you going to have Landscaped Gardens,with manicured lawns and everything in place, or are you going for the more rustic country setting, with lots of trees, shrubs, or bushes. Maybe you are the type of person who likes and prefers the Japanese Garden type of format with water plants, ponds, waterfalls and fish.

This type of approach will pay big dividends in the end, yes its a lot of work, but do it once and do it right. As well as your own piece of heaven, a place to relax in, it will also pay you back big time financially if you decide to sell.

We have so much outdoor decor at the Home Garden Store, such as Garden Statues, Garden Bridges, and plenty of Garden Furniture Sets to choose from, Hammocks to relax in and a big variety of Hose Reels to keep your garden at its best, a true asset to any backyard garden, and plenty of Bird Baths for that final touch.

When you are contemplating either building or buying a new home, think about the home garden decor, because once your in, this is what you have to live with, or you will be in for another major makeover.

Think about the type of furniture you may want, will it fit into the space properly, will it tone into the rest of the house, are the colors right. Do you need chairs only or maybe you prefer couches, its all in the planning and you will find all you need, right here at Home And Garden.

What about the walls now, do you want them just one big plain surface that you look at all day, or do you want to jazz your walls up a bit, check out the full range at the home garden store. You can place pictures in strategic positions, or you go a bit more chic with modern material designs set in frames, or maybe the BIG digital print of some exotic far off place.

Family/Dining RoomsIn this image, we have an example of a balanced, easy to live in Kitchen / Family Room. The down lights in the kitchen let out a soft light, while the three hanging lights over the bench add a feature and help to separate both areas.

The Kitchen Cupboards are a teak in color, and blend in well with the neutral colored walls. The wooden floor is a slightly darker color than the cupboards, and this really lifts the kitchen up. Wooden or tiled floors are the best idea in the kitchen, easy to clean, and generally better in the food preparation and eating area.

The carpet in the Family Room floor is a good mix of color, with the darker wooden floor and the neutral walls, the owners of this property knew how to plan their living areas.

This home has lots of windows as well, bringing in lots of natural light, and hopefully keeping the energy costs down. When you are planning your new home, think about the window placement very carefully, try and catch the morning sun to get plenty of light and heat into the room.

The two seater couch has also been placed very well, its main job here as well as a seat, has been to separate the two rooms even though they are one, Kitchen one side, Family Room the other.