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Fish aquariums or a Fish Tank as some people may call them are some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture in the home or office. Freshwater, like the common Gold Fish or Tropical Fish are found all over the world. Tropical fish can be found in out of the way rain forests or in places like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. People say that you can have a better more active and colorful variety of fresh water fish than salt water, with a bit more less work as well.

Aquariums at home are usually not that big, so don’t try and fill your tank up with dozens of fish just for a good look. It is recommended that you should allow 4” to 5” per fish, so they will live in harmony with each other. Even though people may say, they are only fish, and can look after themselves, you still have to devote a certain amount of time with some regular maintenance, with the fish tank filters and general cleaning on the aquarium.

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Browse through the pages and check out all the cool aquariums, in all shapes, sizes and configurations in salt water and fresh water tanks.

In need of a new filter, skimmer or any of the other dozens of accessories available, its all here in one place.

Filters play a major part in the upkeep and the living environment of the fish in your aquarium. They take out all the physical and soluble waste from the tank to keep the water as clean and natural as possible. What you have to remember is that these tropical fish, if this is what you have, come from a huge ocean that is cleaned naturally, and we have now got them in a small enclosed tank. The biological workings of the filter are the main part of fish care. Filters breed two forms of bacteria, which is not all bad news. The first one knocks down the poisonous ammonia that fish culture, and turns it into nitrate. The second bacteria actually knocks down the nitrate even further and becomes harmless.

Bubble AquariumsWhat about this for a showpiece in your lounge or living room, this Bubble Aquarium is made of Acrylic for strength and durability, now this is one of your Cool Aquariums.

Can be used as a Fresh Water Aquarium or a Salt water Aquarium.

The Bubble Aquarium comes with all the equipment you need to get started, Water Filter, Mounting Kit, Light and an Australian Great Barrier Reef Background. You will get an Algea Cleaner, Hardware and Maintenance Manual.

This cool aquarium has a patented brushed aluminum frame, with a hidden compartment for the electrical outlet, with very easy access to the aquarium itself.

The aquarium has a multi- functional submersible filter, and a custom lighting fixture, and temperature controlled heater. Another cool aquarium from Aquariums Direct.

  • This is a general interest video on setting up one of your very own Cool Aquariums. With a bit of time and patients you can do this, and have a beautiful aquarium in your home.

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Setting up cool aquariums, is it a hobby, will you stick at it forever, or give up down the track for some reason. Did you know that it is the second most preferred hobby in the United States, and approximately 25% drop out of this beautiful leisure activity at some point. Aquariums are so easy to install, and with all the up to date modern Filter Technology, it is almost impossible to go wrong. As I said before, its all about the type and size of fish you want to keep. Once you have get everything set up, you will never look back. Your cool aquarium, will be a place of serenity and calm in your home of office.

Plasma AquariumHave you ever seen anything like this before, this IS what you call Cool Aquariums, looks like a big screen TV in action.

This Plasma Style Aquarium has a black anodized stainless steel frame with tempered glass.

You will be dazzled by the color from its internal lighting system, lots of stuff included in this package, Thermometer, Aquarium Heater and Filtration System and Remote Control. Head over to the Aquarium Store and see what you think.

 These were just a few of the items available for purchase now, at Cool Aquariums, as I said before there are over 500 items to check out, you wont find a better selection to suit your budget anywhere online.