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Commercial Lighting Systems


Welcome to PLM,Commercial Lighting the experts in the strategic installation, management and maintenance of energy efficient commercial lighting systems. Our goal, like yours, is to reduce costs, eliminate energy waste, optimize performance and provide the maximum recommended lighting levels at all times.

With experience that stretches across four decades and a over wide range of business sectors, we can deliver savings on your energy bills, dramatically reduce your maintenance costs.

Planned Lighting Maintenance (PLM) areWarehouse Lighting specialists in the provision of commercial lighting design, installation and maintenance services.

PLM s a national company who has evolved over the last 40 years to become a respected supplier within the lighting industry.  The PLM team have comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of lighting, design, installation, management and maintenance which enables us to successfully deliver energy efficient solutions to match the needs of our clients.

Take a look at all the Products And Services on offer at the Official Website of PLM