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DIY Aquaponics

“Why Aquaponics Are Better Than Conventional Growing And Gardening Methods”

DIY Aquaponics, this new way of gardening that uses fish poo to fertilize your garden, growing food 4 times faster than other conventional methods. This new and tested method of gardening does not use any soil what-so-ever which mean NO WEEDS, yes NO WEEDS.

The waste that the fish produce is recycled into nitrates which in turn feeds the plants and the plants in turn clean the water for the fish. Having the plants well watered and well fed with this method, they will often grow twice as fast as those grown in garden soil.

By growing this way we are not using soil, theGrowing Aquaponics At Home roots do not need to dig deep to find water and plants can be grown close together.

Scientific interest in the combining of aquaculture and hydroponics started in the mid-1970s. Since that time, the aquaponic systems and techniques of growing have been perfected.

Anyone with some hands on skill can build and use an aquaponic system at home to grow their own vegetables, fruits and fish just by following our step by step do-it-yourself aquaponics method.

What you get with an Aquaponic Gardening System.

Totally 100% Hands Off – This is a set and forget system. Sit back while your fish provide nutrients and the plants will keep the water clean.

Virtually A Maintenance Free System – The is very easy to maintain making it perfect for the modern  hurried lifestyle.

Weeding Is Finished – Growing beds are built off the ground where weeds cannot  spread and because of the nature of the media in the beds there is very little to allow any new weeds to sprout.

No more watering! You don’t even have to water your aquaponics garden.

No More Dirt – Nothing to till, plow, hoe or rake, now that is a big plus.

No More Manure – This system works without soil, so, no need to add fertilizer because the fish do it automatically for you.

No Pests or Diseases – The is no need for dangerous pesticides and chemicals, because there is no soil and the growing beds are well off the ground.

So Simple and Lots Of Fun – Running an Aquaponic System is a simple once you know the basics and a lot of fun to watching your fish and plants growing by the day. Many schools use aquaponics as a great way to learn about ecosystems.


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Some Other Interesting Facts About Growing With Aquaponics.

  • If you grow with an Aquaponics System, you only use 10 – 15% of the water you would use if you grew the same Vegetables in soil.
  • Vegetables will grow up to four times faster than in soil the traditional way.
  • Natural Bacteria converts Fish Waste, which is mainly Ammonia into a Nitrite and then into Nitrate.
  • Once your system is set up the PH (7.00 – 7.5) level stays as it should and the water is perfectly crystal clear.
  •  You never have to use Chemicals again.
  • The water only needs to be topped up due to Evaporation loss.
  • Common plants grown Aquaponically are Green leaf vegetables. Plants like tomatoes, cucumber, chilies, peas etc can also be grown. If you grow herbs, Basil, Parsley etc are perfect for an Aquaponics system.
  • Ideal fish to have in your Aquaponic Tanks are Silver Perch, Bass, Goldfish, Bream and Tilapia.
  • Use freshwater fish for growing a bigger selection of vegetables.
  • Aquaponic Systems can be set up indoors or out.

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