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DIY Radiator Reflectors


Reduce your home energy bills and get the most out of your central heating system with our range of DIY radiator reflectors in foil and panels from the leading suppliers. All of our radiator reflectors are easy to install with no need to remove radiators.

The Heatkeeper and Radflek Radiator Radiator ReflectorsReflector Panels have achieved the Energy Saving Trust recommended certification.

These EST recommended products have been tested and assessed for performance, fire safety, and efficient installation.

Some of the advantages of fitting reflector DIY Reflector Panelspanels to household radiators are a very quick payback on the product cost – between 6 and 18 months.

The heat distribution within the room improves, reduction of heat loss via external and internal walls, the water in your heating system returns back to the storage tank hotter, helping to reduce the amount of times your boiler ignites and shuts down.

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