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Solar PV Installations


Now is the time to think Green, Solar PV installations enable you to generate electricity from the sun. Whether the system is retro-fitted PV solar panels or a roof-integrated scheme, they are suitable for private homes, industrial units, farm buildings and public sector premises.

Mypower design, supply and carry out theGreen Energy installation of your solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems which enable you to generate your own electricity and help your business to reduce its long term electricity costs.

Half of Britain’s electricity was generated from low-carbon sources for the first time from July – September 2016. The output from solar systems have increased by a massive 30% compared with 2015. More businesses are now installing solar and are reaping the huge benefits offered by solar PV.

With a Mypower Solar PV installation, Alternative Energybusinesses are able to take control of their own electricity supply to their premises. Solar panels for businesses provide a reliable flow of low-priced electricity to use on site.

Mypower are a highly experienced company with, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial and Community installations, including roof, ground mount and bespoke solutions.

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